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Residential Audio Visual

At Immersive Technologies, we offer Audio/Visual Systems fitting your residence requirement for relaxation and partying. We propose systems within your commercial frame.
The systems can be on Stand-Alone set up or be integrated part of a bigger Smart Home or Home Cinema.

Commercial Audio Visual

At Immersive Technologies, we offer Commercial Audio/Visual systems summarized as follows:

Professional Audio Systems

Applicable for Clubs, Bars and Events

Sound Systems

Applicable for Offices, Retail Stores, Restaurant

Sound Masking Systems

To build privacy over meetings

Board Rooms presentation systems

Such as Video Projectors, Monitors, etc.

Digital Signage Systems

Such as Video Projectors, Monitors, etc.

Audio / Visual Equipment List

Data projectors

These are used to project an image from:
  • Classroom computer
  • Document camera
  • Laptop
  • Any other VGA compatible device

Wireless microphones

These are used for presenters who will be presenting to an audience in larger lecture all or event space. Typically, powered speakers and a microphone mixer are needed as well.

Powered Speakers

Powered speakers are used in conjunction with microphones and microphone mixers to provide audio for a large audience in a lecture hall or event space.

Microphone Mixers

Microphone mixers, or mixers, are used when multiple microphones and/or audio devices are connected to powered speakers.


(includes a built-in microphone)

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